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I have an account in I subscribed to a pro plan for month to protect one website. Yesterday my subscription renew automatically. But today website owner decide to change service for his website and no longer need a Pro Plan services. Is there any options to refund subscription?

Cloudflare ToS states that no refunds are allowed:

4.3 No Refunds

FEES ARE NONREFUNDABLE. YOU WILL BE BILLED IN FULL FOR THE SUBSCRIPTION TERM IN WHICH YOU CANCEL AND NO REFUNDS WILL BE PROVIDED FOR THE UNUSED PORTION OF SUCH SUBSCRIPTION TERM. Following any cancellation, however, you will continue to have access to the Paid Services through the end of your current Subscription Term. We may, in our sole discretion, provide a refund, discount, or credit (“Credits”) to you in a specific instance, however the provision of Credits in a specific instance does not entitle you to Credits in the future for similar instances or obligate us to provide additional Credits.

However, you may try to contact Billing support (billing AT cloudflare DOT com) and see if they can do something for you.

Thank you for answer. I already try to contact with Billing support but only get answer form bot like
"We have received your reply.
As a Cloudflare customer on our Free plan, you have access to our Help Center, Developer Docs, and Cloudflare Community."
I just wonder why they said, that I’m free plan customer, if my Pro Plan is active for now.

Hi @user22788,

If you have further questions you can reply to the auto response that you received.


Thank you Laurie. I tried this option, but got answers from bot. First answer was “Your request (#2368804) has been updated” and after that (1 or 2 seconds later) second one like “Your issue has been marked as Resolved in our system.”
And when I clicked on link with request number I got 404 error.

Maybe they have issued you a refund, in which case you would indeed be on the free plan and so, not entitled to ticket support.

No, I’m still on Pro Plan, if account information displays correctly

Hi @user22788,
Checking your ticket I am seeing that you have created this ticket with an email which is not the Super Admin email for the account, please note that our team will only be able to provide limited information to you if there is no response from the super admin for the account. TO downgrade the plan you would need to go to the upper right hand corner of the account to the billing section, and then choose edit. Please note that you will be asked to either retain or not the 20 page rules when processing this request, if you do not require the 20 page rules set that to 0 and then proceed. Once you have ordered the downgrade you will receive the features of your current plan until the end of your billing period at which time the plan will then be downgrade.

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