Subscription Plans

Do you have other
Subscription Plans for
Warp+ Unlimited
Other than monthly $4.99 ?
Like Yearly
Like Lifetime
Yearly $??
Lifetime $??

There certainly aren’t any lifetime plans. As far as Yearly, I’m not aware of any Cloudflare services, other than domain registration, that are on a yearly basis.

Is something wrong with the $5/month?

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I believe that you can have a yearly invoice if you request it on a ticket.

I know some customers can do this for domain plans, but I’ve not seen it done for WARP+, which is typically handled through the app store.

I also think that those yearly invoices don’t provide any discount. It’s just a bookkeeping requirement for some.


Hi @user18525,
The annual plans that we have available are for the Pro or Business plans, which yes would require an update by our team and a request through a ticket.

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