Subscription Issue


I live in India and here RBI don’t allow subscription (automatic renewals).

How can I get the Pro subscription?


Hi @user16884,

I believe you would be able to pay manually each month but perhaps @Laurie can confirm.


I tried that. But the payment is not done.

Hi @user16884,

I see that you have updated your account to PayPal at this time, are you still seeing an issue upgrading? If so please send a ticket to [email protected].


That doesn’t fixed the issue.

Hi @user16884,
We cannot share the details of your transactions here in the public forum. We are working with our processors and payment providers to try to solve these issues and have several workarounds in process at this time. Our Billing team can share the details of your payments through a ticket and assist you in addressing your issues through a ticket as recommended.


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