Subscription changed of other domains automatically when downgrading the domain

What is the name of the domain? and

What is the issue you’re encountering was on Monthly business plan and was on Yearly business plan. an you please support here to revert the changes back to 11th June 2024 date that must be on the Yearly business plan as I paid $2400 already on 27th April 2024 and to monthly business plan.

Billing issues requre a Billing ticket with Support


In what area can we help you?

I don’t know

As this is a billing related issue, we are not able to provide assistance on Community.

We see that #3297450 is currently awaiting billing update. We appreciate your patience on this

Is it possible to escalate the SR 3297450 internally with Cloudflare support? It has been more than a month and we haven’t received the support instead Cloudflare charged us $250 for the domain which must be on Free plan.