Subscription cancelled by cloudflare

I recently signed up for a business plan within the last 14 days. During the signup process, I was asked for my domain details, which I provided, leading Cloudflare to retrieve all DNS records and share the details for the new name servers. Before making any changes to the name servers, I decided to carefully review all the records and perform the necessary due diligence. Consequently, I removed the existing DNS records from Cloudflare and uploaded my own zone file. To my surprise, I received an email today informing me that my subscription had been canceled. Facing this urgent issue, I attempted to contact Cloudflare directly but was met with a recorded message instructing me to open a support ticket, without the possibility of speaking to someone directly. This situation has left me extremely frustrated with Cloudflare’s response.

That is odd, even if you remove a website with a plan from your account, the system does not cancel the plan subscription.

I see a website as pending awaiting the nameserver change. Have you asked your registrar to perform that change?

After you change the nameservers, if you need assistance making sure the plan type is correct, can you create a Billing ticket and share your ticket number here?

You can open a Billing ticket here,

I am very disappointed about this action. I wanted to restore back to normal. Can you able to help me please?

You are receiving this email because you no longer need Business Plan for our domain name.

This is a confirmation that your subscription was cancelled on March 7 .

As a reminder this means you will no longer benefit from advanced security and performance benefits with a 100% uptime guarantee, only available on the Business Plan.

Learn about our cancellation and refund policy here.

Yes, absolutely. For the pending website, you need to change the nameservers to the two from Cloudflare. You need to do that at the domain registrar. After that, can you create a Billing ticket?

is it why cloudflare cancelled my subscription?

I already paid $2400 for 12 months subscription.

Were you able to create a billing ticket? You can open a Billing ticket here,

I did create the ticket but no answer for last 5 to 6 hours.


Thank you, I flagged your ticket 3176059 for my colleagues in Support, I’ll add myself to it to track progress.

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Thank you & sorry for the issues.

The domain on your ticket is not yet active on Cloudflare. Can you contact your domain registrar and ask them to change the nameservers from the four currently showing to just the two from cloudflare from this page,

I show the zone as having a business plan, and I suspect it just needs to have the nameserver change completed to become active.

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Hi there-

I am looking at your ticket and I will respond shortly.



How did deleting a zone cancel our subscription? This makes no sense at all. Cloudflare has specific steps to cancel a subscription and none of them were performed. We prepaid for me year of service. Our subscription needs to be reactivated now!

Firstly, as a new customer, when we added to our domain, Cloudflare automatically imported the DNS records. Since we were already managing our name servers, we retrieved the zone file and uploaded it after removing the existing one. If this action led to the cancellation of our subscription, I am quite disappointed with your procedure. It is crucial for us to have this issue resolved promptly. We urgently require escalation and reactivation. Please recognize that we are new to this process and unaware of such implications. We hope you understand that switching name servers involves a significant amount of careful consideration.

Thanks cloonan

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Any update

Can you please ask the support to reactivate the subscription for our domain. Thanks.
Thanks for tracking this ticket.

Can you please ask support to change this?


still showing Free plan instead of business

We needed to make sure that the zone was accurate before migrating DNS to CF. We also need to flip all records to DNS Only before we are ready. Lastly, this change has to be scheduled as it can cause serious impact so we won’t be moving the registrar names servers until at least a week after we have fixed the records in the CF hosted DNS zone, but this subscription issue needs to be solved before we contemplate any of that. Please assist.

The agent will continue to work with you on ticket 3176059

#3176059 - Could you please prioritize and fast-track this ticket? I would greatly appreciate your swift action on this request.