Subscription Cancellation

Not sure on how to talk to support. I need to cancel my active subscription in cloudfare and don’t wish to make a renewal. Please do so.

Hi @user849,

You can certainly contact support, but if you want to cancel subscriptions, you should be able to in the dashboard.

If you go to, you should see a list of all your subscriptions and have the option to cancel them there.

No Option for cancelling appears as u can see in the screenshot -

Thanks for the screenshot. If you go to the overview page for the domain, on the right, under ‘Active Subscriptions’, you should see an entry for ‘Pro plan’. Next to that, there will be a ‘Change’ button where you can downgrade to free.

Hi @user849,

Just a follow up on this, were you able to successfully downgrade your plan?

yes and ticket can be closed.

Thanks for letting us know, closing this now.