Subscribed to CloudFlare through BlueHost *WEBSITE DOWN!

I want my website back, and I do not know where to turn off Cloudflare, and deactivate it for my website.
Kindly advise!

If you did this through Bluehost, you’d have to contact them.

What’s the domain?
Now it is working, and now Bluehost are asking me to ask Cloudflare for their nameservers.
It took me ages to find the support button to send Cloudflare a ticket!
It is 2020, and all of that happens.

If you subscribe to Cloudflare through Bluehost, you won’t get Cloudflare name servers. Bluehost is still your DNS. That’s how Hosting Partnerships work. Bluehost should know this.

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You know what? That is what I thought! And you know what too? No one knows anything in these hosting companies, because of cost cutting so heads can be more rich, so they hire people that might be good, but they do not provide them with the necessary knowledge! And this is what happens next.
I apologies, but I am fed up with this lack of brains that is everywhere now in 2020!
So question is anyway, do I need to do anything now…?

You need to contact BlueHost and tell them that you shouldn’t be the one providing details about Cloudflare that they know already. Also, support at Cloudflare won’t reply to you, you aren’t they customer (you could be, just set.up Cloudflare yourself and go away from BlueHost, but it’s a different discussion there) and they will not be providing details about the domain to you.

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That is what I said, but of course it is all, do it yourself now! I had a client on GoDaddy yesterday and it was a total shitty situation! Same â– â– â– â–  / do it yourself concept because we cannot!

We have seen our fair share of issues with GoDaddy as well… Unfortunately there isn’t much we can do here, we can’t see personal details on Cloudflare’s side and we can’t help you more with BlueHost (which I have never used myself).

Thanks a lot Matteo!
The world is going backwards my friend.
Shame on humanity.

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