Suboptimal Routing From Nigeria

I have a server in Nigeria (OneProvider, AS136258) to handle local traffic. In RUM reports, I’m seeing TTFBs that are much higher than expected.

The server is pretty much idle, 95%+ cache hit rate, nginx reports total request time of 1ms.

Testing on the server itself via the external interface confirms that these numbers are plausible, curl reports TTFB of 5ms, 4ms overhead for tcp & ssl sound reasonable to me.

However, local traffic coming in via CF sees 800+ms, from Germany I’m seeing 1000 - 1200ms.

If I check from the server, I’m hitting either LHR (United Kingdom) or JNB (South Africa) depending on the time of day.

Either of those are a few thousand kilometers away. According to Cloudflare Global Network | Data Center Locations, there’s a CF access point in Lagos. Why isn’t that route preferred?

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