Subomain setup


I bought a domain from Namecheap, and I am using nameservers of Cloudflare, but I need to create a subdomain. I have contacted the Namecheap support, but they say that they can’t help because I use the Cloudflare’s nameservers. I need some configuration on Cloudflare for subdomain, but don’t know how to do it.

Can you please help me? I need this urgently.
Best regards.

Perhaps the Cloudflare support documentation might help

Can you please share any link for me?

I did share a link to the documentation above.

Now I need to create a subdomain for my admin panel and admin panel is running on same hosting server with different port.
How can I redirect to that port?

You can’t redirect to, or specify, a port with DNS.

What’s the solution? Please help me.

Generally speaking, if you need to access a specific port, you would add the port number as part of the URL when accessing it in a browser or other method.

E.g. or

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