Submitting complaints

Could you please advise me of the complaints procedure for paying customers?
I just had an unresolved topic shut down by one of your moderators who seems to have taken a personal dislike towards me.


How come? I advised you to read the community guidelines, which is reasonable. It was you who made wild accusation and allegations.

Just a few quotes

Two options from here:

  1. Apologise and re-open my initial post and I can get back to finding a solution
  2. Continue with this childish behaviour and deal with any consequences that may arise

Two things to note, I’m a Cloudflare shareholder as well as a paying customer. If the company gives two hoots about the way their customers are treated on its community forums then I am confident they’ll deal with it.

Well, you can’t argue I didn’t leave the door open for you.

Points made, but this is getting into personal attack territory, and is not leading to a positive outcome.