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I submitted a ticket last week Friday and have not. received any response yet. Please help!

Ticket No. 2738994

I have no longer access to the email that was used for my account that has my domain registered. I need to add MX records but can’t find the domain. I tried using “Forgot email” but it only confirms that an email was sent to my email. That doesn’t solve the issue though because I am not receiving anywhere an email from Cloudflare. Can somebody give me a clue on how to connect to Chat support without “a” account and domain?

Multiple posts are not necessary. If you can answer the questions on this thread we can help you.

Chat support is available on the Business plan.

What is the domain? If you are unable to access the account you’ll need to move it to an account you can control. Is cloudflare the registrar for the domain?

I am trying to get ahold of customer support and even tried to upgrade to business and pay for chat support. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to the email my domain is set up under therefore I have no ability to add records to my DNS. How can I get ahold of a Cloudflare agent who can retrieve my lost account, if I no longer have any ability to search the account on my own?

the domain is nancygilette com How can I move this domain to this account then? Yes per Squarespace the domain is managing my DNS settings on Cloudflare.

1 Like is registered with TUCOWS and not Cloudflare. The nameservers point to Cloudflare so yes, your DNS is managed in a Cloudflare account, however the domain is not registered here.

If you can’t get access to your old account or contact the person who set it up then you will have to add the domain to your own account, reconfigure it and change the nameservers at your Registrar. Alternatively you could point the nameservers directly to your host.

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Thanks! Essentially my plan is to move the nameservers directly to my host which is currently Squarespace or TUCOWS. But I do not know how to start the process of adding the domain to my own account and reconfiguring the nameserver at my registrar. Is it fairly easy or a long process? What is the data needed to start that process?

If you’re looking to point the nameservers to Squarespace then Cloudflare is not even involved at all. You will just need to get access to your domain at TUCOWS (or their reseller it may have been purchased through) and change them there from Cloudflare to Squarespace.

That is an issue for later. My main focus is to add MX records to my DNS Settings so that my Gmail business email can work. Therefore I need access to that account that I cannot retrieve through a simple “forgot email” feature. I would prefer if I get the response from the submitted ticket and from a Cloudflare agent if possible.

If you don’t receive an email using and you don’t know the email address on the account then you will not be able to gain access to that account. You’d have to set it up from scratch on your own account. If you’re planning to move the nameservers away anyway then you may as well do that and add the MX records at Squarespace.

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Hi @nancy.gilette,

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