Submitted forms reappearing days, weeks later

I have users fill in a form, and their submission gets written to our db on the server for a later response.

In some cases their form submission “reappears” and gets written into the db a 2nd or 3rd time, always from a different Cloudfare ip. They are NOT resubmitting. We’ve reached out to a few of them.

Today we’re hearing of auto responses that get sent after a form is filled out and submitted also reappearing in the original submitters email inbox, days or weeks later.

I have Page Rules bypassing the cache on the 3 form pages where this is happening, but it still seems to occur, again no way to see a pattern or recreate the issue because it somewhat random.

No pattern as to who, where or what time etc. All of the individuals filling in the form are US based.

Any one else experience something like this??

Any thoughts on what else to try??

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