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Referring to this post Why are you guys Protecting an Illegal Gambling Site?
I am trying to report the following gambling websites. I filled up everything in the abuse form, there’s no validation error popping up, but clicking the submit button just doesn’t do anything

so i will just put the links here

these are but just a small part of it. there are a lot more.
a more concerning question is, who should be responsible filtering all these illegal websites ? should it be cloudflare or the public have to report these one by one ?
who’s making all the money from these illegal sites ? cloudflare or the public ?


filtering out these websites shouldn’t be hard. they have gambling written everywhere for their SEO.

what cloudflare is doing, is helping these illegal sites making them harder to track down by the authorities.

think about all the people that loses their money to these criminals while these criminals hide behind the protection of cloudflare


Thank you @cloudedmund99, you may want to clear cache or use a different/incognito browser to report. I was able to use the abuse form without issue, but please report these to Customer Support and ask they escalate your ticket to Trust & Safety if you are unable to successfully submit the form (form is best as it makes certain T&S have the information they need). Let Support know you were having issues with the form.

If the form still fails, login & go to and select get more help…


it still fails.
i tried to report under the “general” category

i think u cant file anything under that category


While doing what you can to inhibit gambling sites this is possibly a noble cause. In relation to the legal or illegal, what is the difference in the end with this particular site? Why is it “illegal”? And does “the legal” = “the ethical”? These are questions to consider; also a practical question of consideration is this: from where, from which country, is said website physically served / where is it “headquarted”? And what are the laws there?

Moreover, one would need also submit evidence of extensive length to every search engine that has the site indexed for each of them to take it down; submit evidence to every other CDN that the site traverses from multiple tech giants such as, e.g., Google Hosted Libraries, Microsoft Ajax CDN, jQuery CDN (MaxCDN), jsDelivr (MaxCDN), Yandex CDN, Baidu CDN, Sina Public Resources & UpYun Libraries.

A recommendation: submit the site to one or more of the following blacklists:

  • To submit the site to Sinfonietta:
  • To StevenBlack:
  • To Shalla:
  • To intr0:

Best of luck to you.

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