Boa tarde, a todos da Comunidade Cloudflare

tenho já um sub-domínio funcionando ( tudo ok.

quero direcionar o domínio principal ( para o sub-dominio ( acima e não tenho exito.
foi criado

Foi criando CNAME www para o subdomínio ( e não funciona.

Se alguém tiver conhecimento e puder ajudar… fico muito agradecido,



Good afternoon, everyone from the Cloudflare Community

I already have a working subdomain ( all ok.

I want to direct the main domain ( to the sub-domain ( above and I have no success.
was raised

It was creating CNAME www for the subdomain ( and it doesn’t work.

If anyone has knowledge and can help … I am very grateful,


Try Using Page Rules To Redirect The Domain :wink:

It will be very much like this tutorial. But instead of redirecting the main domain to the www subdomain, you will direct it to your special subdomain:

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