Subdomens and redirect from www to https

can you help me?
I have:
domain -
and subdoments -, , and etc.
I have added domain and all subdomains into dns records, type A.
www record has been added also.
I can access my domen like and via https.
when i type in the browser line just or it redirects me to and accordingly.

I can access my subdomens like and it redirects me to

And now I want to access my subdomens via
I have added into dns records this - www.porshe
But when i try to access my subdomen like browser tells me

How it possible access subdomens with www via Cloudflare?
thank you very much for any helping

Cloudflare certificates cover the root and a single subdomain * by default. A 3rd level subdomain can’t be covered with a certificate (they aren’t a valid certificate type). So you can by a dedicated cert for and * or you can buy a certificate with dedicated host names and add upt o 50 total host names (and subdomains) to a single SAN certificate.