Subdomains SSL handshake failed Error code 525

Hi, I have created subdomains to be able to create other pages and since I have connected to cloudflare it doesn’t let me do anything at all. I have added a DNS type A with my domain and the IP of the website and it still does not work.

My site works perfectly but when I try to create a new page from a subdomain I can’t do it. In hostinger it tells me; SSL Certificate FAILED and when I try to access the page of the new subdomain it tells me SSL handshake failed Error code 525.

Please, I need to know how to solve this, if it can be fixed or not, to take the decision to disconnect my site from cloudflare.

Thank you very much

If it works with your domain, but not subdomains, it likely means your origin server on Hostinger only has an SSL certificate for your domain ( , and not subdomains (*

If so, you will either need to get such a certificate from your host, get one yourself from LetsEncrypt or another trusted CA, or use a Cloudflare origin certificate…

Thank you very much for your answer, but unfortunately this is not the case.

Before connecting my site with cloudflare, I could make sub-domains and other pages without any problem. But after I made the connection with cloudflare, the problem started, now it doesn’t let me make other pages with the sub-domains.

So what could be the problem here?

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