Subdomains redirecting to an unrelated website

Everytime I make a subdomain and add it to Cloudflare, it redirects to another website.

It only happens if I use https, but if I use http it goes to where it should.

Any idea what’s going on here?

Can you share some more information? What subdomain are you trying to add specifically? Where does it redirect? Is there a way for us to reproduce the issue?


The subdomain is http

If you try accessing it through https it sends me to a pest management website in Australia.

It doesn’t matter what the subdomain is, as long as it’s a secure connection it will always send me to the same website.

Does the same redirect happen if you disable Cloudflare? I would suspect this is either a misconfiguration at your origin or host, or you have a redirect rule in place somewhere.


I tried it, it was still an issue, so you are correct, seems to be my host. Thanks for your help to get me to this point!

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