Subdomains not working?

I have a kibana instance exposed and need it to resolve to kibana.(domain).

So I make an A record with that points to the IP. But it doesn’t work and times out.
However if I delete that and remake it using instead, it works just fine.

I’ve tried making an A record with and another A record with kibana alongside, but still no luck connecting to
I’ve also tried making a CNAME record with kibana but that doesn’t work either.

Can someone please explain why this happens and how to fix this?

i have the same question to thats also another issue im having

Hi @Sh1n,

What is the error you are getting on the subdomain? It doesn’t sound like a Cloudflare issue as there shouldn’t be any difference there between the root domain and subdomain.

Hi @domjh

So after further testing now I can’t even get a single A record working.
Cloudflare says it times out when I try to connect to my instance via domain, but works fine when I use my WAN IP. Despite my A record being correct and pointing to the correct IP.

I’ve tried switching to development mode and purging the cache but still no luck.

Alright so the issue is definitely cloudflare’s proxy. If I enable it on my A record it just times out, and if I disable it it works perfectly.

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