Subdomains not working


I’ve added 4 subdomains in my CPANEL hosting and also I’ve added them to Cloudflare as A records with the same name pointing to my origin IP but 2 of them are not working and they’re opening a completely different website hosted on the same origin server

The other 2 are working properly

Am I missing something when I add new subdomains?

If they’re opening a different website on the same serve rit is probably an issue with the origin webserver/cpanel config rather than Cloudflare.

If you go to these same records when they are :grey: in DNS do you see the same behavior as when they are :orange:?

Correction: if I :grey: them it works perfectly, but when they’re :orange: it opens a completely different website

Can you check to see if that is true whether you use http or https? I checked one of the records you recently modified assuming it might be one of the records in question and see two completely different sites when going to the origin directly depending on whether the traffic is http or https.