Subdomains not working with WWW


I need an quick help, i have 2/3 subdomains & 1 main domain, I recently start using cloudflare on free plan to test, However i like cloudflare but.

My main domain is working perfectly lets say but if i use the subdomain is not working and giving me this error

"# This site can’t provide a secure connection

uses an unsupported protocol."


however if i open using without www its working means WWW is not working on subdomains…

to keep using WWW on main domain & subdomain what should i do???

  1. Should i buy cloudflare PRO?
  2. Or should i buy an cloudflare SSL certificate???

Would be glad if someone can help, Very tired!

Best Regards

Never mind (my earlier response), I believe this is the issue. You need to buy a Cloudflare cert.


Buddy you rock, I just bought dedicated SSL on cloudflare, Put my domain & subdomains & Bravo!

Everything working

Thank you soooo much budy

Stay Blessed & Stay Safe!

Best Regards
Muhd Affan Ellahi Shaikh

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