Subdomain's not working even though the DNS record exists

Hey there, I’m having an issue with accessing the subdomain that I created on CPanel (GoDaddy). After I changed the nameservers to Cloudflare, I made sure I created the DNS record for my subdomain, which is This subdomain is also connected to WordPress Multisite. The record type is A with the same IP as my domain.

When I am trying to access the subdomain, it returns the 403 Forbidden error. Sometimes it says it couldn’t be found on this server as well.

I am not really a developer or something, and I am dealing with this for the first time on behalf of my employer, so please bear with me if this is a very easy-to-resolve issue :see_no_evil:

I also have a wildcard created on CPanel with no record on Cloudflare DNS, can it be the problem? Like a conflict?

Thanks, I appreciate your help!

As far as I see, the 403 forbidden error comes directly from your host/origin.

Maybe the CHMOD rules at your host/origin server or .htaccess file?

Does something change when you temporarly switch from :orange: cloud to :grey: cloud for your sub-domain africa DNS record at Cloudflare dashboard for your domain?

Maybe this article could provide you some more information what for to check out:

Hi, thanks a lot for the quick response.

I tried switching the cloud to grey but nothing changed, I still get the 403 error.

I double-checked the .htaccess file and all the rules are written as WordPress Multisite network setup instructed (I basically copied and pasted the rules to the file).

I am going to read the article you attached, thanks! Hopefully, it helps.

Thanks a lot!

I am afraid it has to be firstly resolved at your host/origin server.

May I ask if you have tried contacting your hosting provider regarding this issue too?

Have you tried adding a simple index.php or index.html file inside your sub-domain directory? Does anything change, do you see the content from the file or still 403 error?

Hey, no I haven’t contacted them yet as I thought maybe I did something wrong here on Cloudflare, but I’ll call them for sure.

I actually tried adding a random index.php with the relevant URLs and that’s what I got (see the screenshot).

Initially, I thought I would access the site through the WordPress dashboard to add content there, but when doing it, I was receiving this error. Now with this index.php file there, when I am trying to access the site as africa.bowenimmigration/wp-admin it shows me exactly this content that you see on the screenshot. Any idea what I did wrong?

Should I try getting rid of Multisite and install WordPress on this subdomain separately?

Hm, I haven’t used mutlisite with sub-domain yet, but maybe the below articles could help you.

Just to note, you would need to have WP files in it and setup the wp-config and other WP instance to work with the sub-domain “as sub-domain”, not “as directory” (if having it that way).

Wow, thanks a lot for putting together all these articles for me!

I will check them all and update you on what I found.

Thanks again!

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