Subdomains not working as cloudflare registrar

I’ve recently switched my domain registrar to cloudflare from GoDaddy. Now my subdomains, which previously were pointing to host account, now no longer work. What do I need to do to get them to work with cloudflare? And if I can’t get it to work, is there a refund to switch back to GoDaddy? Thank you in advance.

That’s just DNS, so you need to properly set up those records. If you need more assistance, please post the actual full hostname of a subdomain that’s not working.

Thanks Sdayman. I have several, but one is

That subdomain resolves and loads, though it is not proxied by Cloudflare.

I think that is my host providers dns. as my website is also directed to that dns #. How do I need to set up those subdomains to make them load? Thanks again!

when I try to load the subdomain in Chrome, this is the error message I get. Screenshot by Lightshot. I have other subdomains, like and that doesn’t load at all in DNS checker.

Is this how the dns should be set up? Screenshot by Lightshot

Directory also loads. This is not a Cloudflare issue. It’s a local DNS issue. I suggest you use better local DNS, such as

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so change to Thanks!

Do not change anything at Cloudflare. There is nothing wrong in your Cloudflare account.

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so my subdomains are setup correctly?

Yes, they are.


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