Subdomains not working any more


This subdomain worked before I switched to CF - now it doesn’t - do I need to do something in the DNS set-up to make it work?


Have you added it to the DNS records? What is the subdomain?

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You will need to have the relevant DNS records for the subdomains as you had with your host before you switched to CF.


Hey Matteo - it’s ur, is this site coming up for you? - I didn’t have them set-up in my previous host zone file - it just worked as far as I know - if I can figure out how to add them, it’ll be no problem


You don’t have the record in the DNS settings, my first assessment was correct. As far as the previous host goes I have no clue.

For Cloudflare follow this guide.


Thanks for your help - the instruction are not great to be honest. What I have now is

A losboxitos (but real IP) Automatic

Is that right? Not sure how to format the subdomain properly ??


There isn’t much much more to say. Add the subdomain and the IP exactly as you said.


Appreciate it - was not sure if it was supposed to be losboxitos"." - or - "."losboxitos or if I needed a “/” or whatever - there’s no sample to look at and learn the format. It’s probably obvious to techies but it’s formatted differently elsewhere - so there’s seemingly no common format for doing this. Thanks for all your help - appreciate it! AJB


There is only this way to format things, and also the Cloudflare UI by simply adding it would have not worked if you added a /, would have removed a starting ..

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