Subdomains not showing / no analytics after using Dreamhost setup

Hi there!
All of my domains are working and showing, however, one of them has subdomains, which are NOT showing, and therefore, I can’t see stats on the subdomain. I’d really like to, because I want to know if the DDOS we’re experiencing is over or not :wink:

The root domain is routed to another service (Thinkific), but the content subdomain is a hosted Wordpress on this dreamhost server.

Please see screenshots for a more elaborate understanding.


[Screenshot removed by staff because it exposed origin IP address]

It appears that while the domains are hosted at Dreamhost and you have DNS settings at Dreamhost, the actual nameservers aren’t hosted there and the records don’t appear to be pointing to Cloudflare with the authoritative DNS.

I believe you’ll need to modify your authoritative nameservers DNS entries o point to the values shown in your Dreamhost control Panel.

dig +short

dig ns +short

For each subdomain? Or just for the main one?

For anything in Dreamhosts DNS settings (for any domain or subdomain) where the record is in the format


You’ll want to make sure in your authoritative DNS that the record is formatted in the same way. Since your DNS is hosted outside of dreamhost the authoritative answers will come from your DNS server and it needs to point the traffic to Cloudflare’s proxy (using the record format above) otherwise it will just go straight to dreamhost… which is what is happening now.

I see. I replaced those DNS settings as you said, but it took down the site. Maybe because I was using the old A record. Error 1016. Trying again now.

The only thing I don’t understand is this: When I go to Cloudflare, it still says that the DNS is through Dreamhost. Does this mean I need to maybe delete the website and re-add it? And, if I do it for the top level domain, will it then do it for all domains below?

Is there someone who can walk me through this step by step? We’re considering upgrading to a paid plan, if it helps (currently under heavy DDOS attack).


Well the message should really read that the settings are managed through a partner I suppose (who happens to be Dreamhost). But even that’s not exactly accurate when Dreamhost isn’t authoritative for the DNS.

You could add the domain directly, but in that scenario we’ll have you move your DNS to Cloudflare. If you want to manage your DNS through the current provider then going through Dreamhost is fine.

I have some personal sites on Dreamhost, but I manage them directly through Cloudflare and use Cloudflare’s DNS. It’s mostly a personal preference thing, there are a few things that are easier in a full setup vs. a partial setup like you have now.

Hi guys, i’m experience the same problem.

I just migrate to Cloudflare. My WP website is hosted in HostGator. So, i change my DNS records in my registrator. And its all doing well with my main domain.
BUT, my subdomain are created in SharpSpring page builder. At that time of creation, i created several CNAMES in my host and all is doing weel.
When the migration to Cloudflare, my subdomain didn’t show anymore.
I went to DNS zone in Cloudflare and AD those CNAMES records.
It that all? It will work?

Yes just add the subdomains with the same settings to Cloudflare and it should work.

The way I fixed it was by deleting the entire domain on Cloudflare and then changing the settings at the registrar (name servers), then importing into Cloudflare, and it imported all the info … then, everything worked. Hope this helps.

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