Subdomains Not Secure

All of my subdomains are displaying “Not secure” warnings when accessed, accompanied by a warning message. I have a certificate for the main domain served by Cloudflare, and it doesn’t show any warnings.

Here is the certificate viewer for one of my subdomains:

You may check the certificate of my main domain ( as I’m not able to post another picture here.

My SSL encryption mode is Full (strict). Is there something I need to configure?

This is the certificate viewer for the main domain.

Your subdomains are probably not proxied, but set to “DNS only”, so requests are doing direct to your server/host.

Cloudflare origin certificates require use of the proxy as they are only trusted by Cloudflare and not browsers…

I need to switch to Proxied? But the problem is that’s going to redirect me to the main domain instead.

Sorry, nevermind it didn’t redirect me to the domain but I’m still having “Not secure”.

Give time for the DNS TTL to expire, when proxied you will see the Cloudflare edge certificate and not the origin certificate.

If unsure then you can give the subdomain to check.

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The problem was fixed! Thank you so much for the help.

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