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Hello, I have added a couple of A records for a subdomain I have created but I am still receiving an error. On my old server my A records would have the “” as the name but Cloudflare automatically removes everything after the first full stop. so its just “serviceportal”. Any ideas if I have this correct?

That’s fine and is just how the Cloudflare Dashboard shows subdomains. That record exists and is reachable: DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool, looks like it’s some server running wordpress.
You can create DNS Records in the Cloudflare dashboard with just the name of the subdomain “serviceportal”, or as you have noticed, if you include the full domain name, it will shorten the name after to just the subdomain.

If you are still receiving an error, what error is that? It might just be your DNS cache if you tried visiting the site too quickly.

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Okay thats good to know. Yes I did right away, would I have to leave it long? Is it possible to clear the cache?

If you’re getting an error like “We’re having trouble finding this site” on Firefox or on Chrome, “This site can’t be reached / DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN”, that is indeed DNS Cache.

There are multiple levels of DNS Cache. You have your local cache, which you can clear, depending on the operating system (i.e on Windows, ipconfig /flushdns), as well as Web Browser DNS Cache, for example on Chrome going to chrome://net-internals/#dns and clearing cache there, on Firefox it’s about:networking#dns. Then you have your DNS Resolver’s Cache. If you are using the default resolver, probably provided by your Internet Service Provider, it has its own cache that may not be respecting Cache TTLs (i.e caching for longer then its told to, to reduce external queries/latency). Not much you can do about that other then switching to a different Resolver like

Or you can just wait it out, probably an hour max.

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Thank you very much for your help, look like il have to wait the hour.

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