Subdomains down, CF profile email address suddenly unverified, error 429 when trying to change email address on CF



I am in a pickle here. I have had a free account for two years, no problems whatsoever. Today, I tried to access a subdomain and got error 504 after quite a bit of redirection and waiting. Then I tried logging into my cloudflare to find a banner that says your email is not verified and please click to verify. I did that. Email address is correct and has not been changed in over two years. I got no emails. This is to a gmail account and I have verified I have no particular mailflow issues to this gmail account, just not getting verification email from cloudflare. I have checked my spam folder and all other folders I could think of and have done a search with a clean cache to no avail.

This has me stuck in the mud. Now I cannot do anything. I get error 429 too many actions when I try to change my email or click on the request verification email link again. There is no sign of hope for a few days according to the email I got from cloudflare support after I tried to open a ticket and I guess they said to post here see if you can get any help faster.

Any idea what I need to do and what could have possibly gone wrong. This is entirely out of the blue and I had no notices or other emails from CF indicating I need to verify email and I just have a bunch of prokmotional stuff from them since I opened the account.




I would advise you to retry, as it happened to me as well, try hitting the verify email a couple of times, it takes a bit, but the email arrives.

In the rare event it does not work after 10/20 minutes try sending an email to [email protected][.]com


Thanks for replying Matteo. Earlier took a lot longer than 10-20 minutes. it was refusing to work. But that was 7 hours ago. between then and now… I am not sure what who or how, but all problems are now resolved as myseriously as they appeared and you are right, now clicking those links ACTUALLY work! lol all my subdomains now load properly as well. Aint that something… cant even trust machines to hold your beer no more while logged off accounts…

Whoever (else) saw this or my support ticket and if they did fix something to get this back in order, THANK YOU!


Well, it could be that it was temporary bug…


Yep. Or that. Either way. At least my confidence is restored sort of. Did not like the support auto-canned looking email that said wait a few days or pay up for fast support, felt like an intentional highway robbery although I knew they are too busy growing to worry about this kind of making money haha… no. May have to upgrade fer peace of mind soon lad, although that is tough on freelancing budgets these days.


I have to admit that I have my main sites on Pro, but do not receive anything of the sort on requests. Upgrading increases the number of POPs as well, but basic functionality doesn’t change.