Subdomains down after connecting to Cloudflare

I changed my DNS to Cloudflare (from Godaddy).
I followed the instructions and added domain and the subdomain (A type as per my host’s instructions - Inmotions hosting).
When the DNS propagated then the primary domain was up but the custom domain was down.
I moved 5 domains and the same thing happened to each of them.

It’s unclear what down means. Do you have DNS records for the subdomains in your Cloudflare dashboard? Are they :orange: or :grey:? Do they resolve using a DNS lookup tool? Do you receive an error message?

I don’t remember what error I got. It was just a blank screen with some sort of error.
I have the subdomains in my Cloudflare dashboard. They are :orange:
I can’t check with a DNS lookup tool as when I got the error I changed them all back.
I would like to try to change them back to Cloudflare but I don’t know what I did wrong.

Sorry, I just realized that my response is not clear.
When I got the error on my subdomains - I changed the DNS on GoDaddy from Cloudflare back to my host.
The DNS is still in my dashboard but the nameservers don’t point to Cloudflare anymore until I work out what the problem is.

I noticed you have 5 domains that moved to cloudflare, I assume nameservers for all reverted after you received a nameserver confirmation? That’s really odd, but each has an icann hold on updates. I guessing if you clear that with you domain registrar and have them change nameservers back that the domains will confirm in your account and become active on cloudflare.

Yes, I have 5 domains. 2 of them don’t have subdomains so there were no issues with them. I changed the DNS at Godaddy and everything worked well on Cloudflare. Those domains are still on Cloudflare with no issues.
On the other 3 domains, each has a subdomain. The primary domain worked well. The problem was only with the subdomains. The primary domains were all active on cloudflare BUT the suddomains were down with an error on every single domain. When I changed the DNS back then the sites were up again.
I am not sure what an icann hold on updates is but since the primary domains were active and worked on clouldflare I am assuming that the problem was with my set up of subdomains.
BTW, I do want to move the registration of my domains from GoDaddy to cloudflare and that might solve the problem. I would like to understand what the problem is though before I transfer them…

I don’t know if the sites and/or subdomains are loading or not, but I’d check your domain status for moved, active and pending nameserver update. Once all are active, you should be able to set your DNS records to ensure domain and subdomain all load.

Did you receive confirmation of the nameserver change back?

I suspect the problem is one of not active on cloudflare, at least for 4, pending for 1

The ICANN hold you need to clear with your domain registrar would prevent the move until you clear them:
Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
Domain Status: clientUpdateProhibited
Domain Status: clientRenewProhibited
Domain Status: clientDeleteProhibited

Thank you all for your help.
So it seems like transferring my domains to Cloudflare will solve the DNS problem.
If I transfer the domain to Cloudflare from Godaddy how do I do it so that I don’t have downtime? I need to renew a domain in a few days so should I transfer it to Cloudflare and then renew or do I renew before I transfer?
Do I first set up the DNS on Cloudflare and then request a transfer without changing the DNS until the transfer is made?
I am sorry for all of the questions but I am not sure how to do this without downtime…

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I don’t think it will, you won’t be able to transfer the domains to cloudflare registrar until they’re active with Cloudflare nameservers. The transfer of a domain should not introduce downtime, adding it can and here are some tips to avoid that, How to eliminate (or minimise) downtime when adding your domain to Cloudflare.

It depends upon how quickly godaddy can clear the icann issues so that you can set the domain up with cloudflare nameservers. After that, transfer is straight-forward and you can keep the process moving by approving the transfer at godaddy once you set it up.

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