Subdomains are not resolving

The subdomains on my account doesnt seem to respond.

The one pointed to A records are working.

Am I missing something?


Can you send a screenshot of your records in Cloudflare? (feel free to blur out the origin server)
DNS Checker doesn’t seem to pick up any records, CNAME or A, for those subdomains.

Thanks for the reply.

Pls check


Your nameservers are set to Namecheap’s default nameservers (dns1 and, meaning that Cloudflare isn’t hosting your domain’s DNS at the moment.

Below the DNS management table (that you’ve screenshotted), Cloudflare’s nameservers for your domain is listed there. Set those as your nameservers in your Namecheap domain settings.

Thank you for the reply, I missed to notice this. Not sure how it got changed.

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