Subdomain www point to other's website not mine

Subdomain www doesn’t point to our server but other subdomain work correctly.

DNS setting is here.

SSL/TLS is set to FULL.

I have no idea how to fix this.

For starters, wrong SSL mode. Should be Full Strict.

I’d pause Cloudflare (Overview screen, bottom right) and make sure the server is configured correctly.

Unfortunately our server seem to be config for FULL restrict mode, but other domains are set up with same dns records and work fine.

Then you should fix the server, right now you have an insecure site.

Anyhow, did you

After pause, All subdomain except www is response to pause status. www is still open that wrong website. I just add this domain to Cloudflare 12 hours ago. Do I have to wait longer for this www?

For my experience, new added domain always work almost immediately.

Anyway thanks for your recommendation on our server. I will fix this soon.

Well, the naked domain returns a 404 and “www” just some text message. Both on an invalid certificate.

I’d keep it paused for now and fix the server. Once it loads fine on HTTPS, you can unpause Cloudflare.

What you saw, should be the right page because I’ve to config a little thing to make it work. May be it depend on location of network.

Doesn’t really depend on the location, it’s a general server issue.

I’ve changed to FULL strict. But problem is still the same for subdomain WWW.

The picture below show this is not right page.

This is the right page (yeah this page contain this text because site is not completed on set up) if the subdomain point to our server.

In that case it appears as if your previous host still has an active Cloudflare integration for your “www” hostname. You need to contact them and get them to delete that first, otherwise this will override your own settings.

Ok then, I guess I’ve to change domain name to new one instead because I have no idea how to contact the old host or old owner.

Thanks for your time, Sandro.

Hi there,

Unfortunately the community is unable to assist you with issues such as this where an old provider used Cloudflare for SaaS. Please contact your old provider and ask them to remove any Cloudflare configurations for your domain, specifically SSL for SaaS / Custom Hostnames. If you contact Shopify and they mention Cloudflare headers, ask them if they are referring to a Custom Hostname that was part of an old SSL for SaaS implementation on the domain. Ask them to follow the process to create an HTTP ownership_verification record.

If you previously used HubSpot, please ignore this and move to the paragraph below.

If you are unsure who the previous provider is or they say they are unable to help you, please email [email protected] with the subject Cannot remove custom host name and details of the issue. Once you’ve done that you’ll receive an automatic response with a ticket number. Please post that here so we can escalate it. Once you have reached out to Support they will ask you to verify domain ownership of the domain by adding a txt record to the domain in order to verify domain ownership.

Hi sdayman, thanks for your time. I will contact support of Clouflare because I have no idea who to contact. I will post ticket number ASAP.

While Cloudflare can drop that as well, it may take a lot longer than if you simply go via the host.

Also, your server still does not have a valid certificate, so you should fix that before you unpause Cloudflare again.

I’ve changed back to previous config because right now it’s too complicated to do it with multiple domain on each server.

You’ll still need a working SSL setup, so fix that first before doing anything with Cloudflare. Once your site loads fine, you should contact the host to get that dropped and if they don’t respond Cloudflare’s support might also help, but your site needs to be working first.

Email to support of Cloudflare is not work because I don’t upgrade to paid program. So my ticket is marked as resolve already. May be I will contact Clickfunnels to solve this issue.

As mentioned, that should definitely be the first choice. Only if they do not respond, you should contact Cloudflare.

Yeah thank you. I will contact them but it look like there is not much hope.