Subdomain works, but I have no access to Wordpress Admin

I just recently created a subdomain on my host and added it to my Cloudflare account. Everything face value works, but for some reason I can’t access the (Wordpress) wp-admin.

When I visit the subdomain ( it shows up with the standard landing page, but when I try to access the [ it doesn’t work and gives:


Is there something obvious that I’ve done wrong? I added the DNS record for the subdomain, is there more records I need to add to access the .com/wp-admin for the subdomain?


I should further clarify.

Everything on my main site works, both ( and ( are good to go.

The new sub domain ( works, but ( does not!

A short seach would have redirected you to tons of answers about this :wink:

This one should help you to get this solved:

Don’t use Flexible SSL.

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Thank you for the help.

I’m looking into this now and will respond back if there is a solution I come to from this. Another quick question, is strange that the subdomain ( works perfectly fine with no redirects issues, but when I try to access the ( it creates new issues of it’s own?

That’s Wordpress. You could also solve this by editing two or three database entries and changing the sheme from HTTP to HTTPS there.

Just follow the Community Tip and you should be fine.

Or don’t use Flexible and get a certificate for your server to use full encryption.

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