Subdomain working fine but Primary Domain Issue

I activate ssl through cloudflare on my all related to this primary domain and ssl is working fine but now primary domain is not working and getting an error( This page isn’t working redirected you too many times.

Try deleting your cookies

ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS) and not loaded properly when i set configuration rule then primary domain crash and not loaded exact content

Ensure your SSL/TLS settings are set to “Full (strict)” here…

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Thanks you for reply!
But the issue is when i set to full(strict) then primary domain work fine but my sub domains not working and not loading ang getting an error check screenshot

my domain provider have one ssl activation that install on primary domain i set cloudflare for subdomain ssl but problem is not i facing is i explain above

Stay with “Full (strict)” to ensure your users’ data is encrypted from end-to-end and fix your certificate.

You will need to place a certificate on your origin that supports and * You can get that for free from Letsencrypt, or you can use the Cloudflare origin certificate.

Note that the Cloudflare certificate is only trusted by Cloudflare, if you connect directly to your origin in your browser you will get a certificate warning. Users connecting through Cloudflare will not get the warning.


You can check this that on my primary domain i have ssl activated and for subdomain ssl certificate they ask to upgrade the package

I am still on the full(strict) option but have issue and not able to get the solution .

They ask for crt and private key format