Subdomain WordPress site doesn't work



I’ve activated CloudFlare for the main domain - (a wordpress site). Everything seems to work fine.
I have a subdomain - - as a wordpress site. The subdomain site doesn’t load - “site not found”. I’ve added this subdomain as CNAME with alias It is still not working. I can’t understand what is the problem. Thanks!


Check your DNS settings @ Dreamhost and make sure there is a listing there for the subdomain. Make your Cloudflare DNS entry match that. Then it should work.


Thanks! That worked!
Clarification here for those who have the same issue and need more details:
The subdomain has to be attached/linked to the domain on the hosting server. You can see it in the control panel for domains of your hosting provider. Then, you need to click on the subdomain (on the cpanel of your hosting account) in order to see how it is listed there - type A or type CNAME and see the IP address. You need to list your subdomain in cloudflare as the same type and point it to the same IP address.
In my case subdomain’s type was listed A, but I didn’t check and set it up as CNAME in cloudflare. Good luck!