Subdomain WordPress Hosting & Error 502

Our main domain is registered in and hosted in azure and it’s working in cloudflare just fine (Cloudfare name servers updated in

We have a subdomain as a wordpress hosting in We tried to add a DNS record in cloudflare to point to the wordpress hosting ip directly but we get error 502 bad gateway.

We need your help. What do we need to do?

Just for the record, We did all common troubleshooting practices before posting but it didn’t work unfortunately. Does it require more than 24 hrs to be propagated?

Probably not. If you toggle the :orange: for that subdomain to :grey: (then wait five minutes for DNS), does the site work with HTTPS?

It works with HTTPS.

after the toggle, when I click it shows a website I never know although the IP is the same IP from

with, different message!

No, it does not.

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Thanks. I answered you from what I see in the browser. What should I do?

Ask your host to configure that subdomain for HTTPS.

@sdayman What about if the name servers in cloudflare name servers not Is that OK?

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