Subdomain with Cloudflare FREE Plan

Hello mates!

I was reading some articles before but couldn’t find any solution.

Maybe I used the wrong keywords.

I use Cloudflare FREE Plan with my WordPress website.

Now I need subdomain like this:
On this I want to install an own WordPress installation.

Is this only possible with a paid plan or do I have to make other changes to start?

Thanks for your ideas!

You just need to add the right DNS record to your domain on Cloudflare (the search will have all on that).

Still, you need to configure your webserver for it too, which includes a valid certificate.

@sandro thanks for the quick reply.

Which would be the steps?

Is there any source I can use as guide?

The Certificate is already connected to the root domain.

Should I start with a CNAME record in Cloudflare and then add the settings to my server?

The search and has all on that. Also check out #tutorials

On your server? For that hostname?

You can do that too, though you don’t need a CNAME record, an A record will also work. You just need the record to point to your server and your server needs to respond accordingly with a certificate.

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