Subdomain wildcard ssl

we have child domains that we use in conjunction to client name. example… our domain is Client uses friendly name like Client1.Live.MYDomain Which redirects to: server with childdomain subdoain and root domain in link. how do I setup in the Cloudflare and how do I get the SSL? we already have root domain on Cloudflare. Do I need to purchase another subdomain with child domain of the current domain we have is enough? but we do have SSL under root domain so no we need to bring in childdomain on Cloudflare so how to go about Wildcard SSL for childdomain as we already have wildcard ssl for root doamin

if you buy a Cloudflare dedicated certificate with custom hostnames ($10/month), you can add those subdomains with wildcard two-level-down subdomains to it and CF will serve valid SSL.


Due to how SSL certificates are regulated, the certificates can’t provide SSL for two wildcards (*.* is not allowed) so you would need to have an entry for each first-level subdomain’s wildcard.

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