Subdomain verification from vendor

Hi there.

I’m recently set up a subdomain and pointing it to a vendor Hyros to allow them do trackings. One of the step at their side is verification of the CNAME. However, they keep telling me to contact cloudflare to check the status of the subdomain. Apparently after I set up the CNAME in cloudflare, I can visit the url and see an nginx page which I think it should be on the Hyros side.

Don’t know what to check from the Cloudflare side, and I can’t find a support ticket system in Cloudflare, so asking the community does anyone have similar experience or if anyone know how to lodge a support ticket at Cloudflare and I can ask technical support.


You need to disable proxy :grey: for the subdomain. Proxying it will cause Cloudflare to return Cloudflare IP addresses instead of the real CNAME value.

Thx, @erictung. I will give it try and ask them to verify it again. Cheers

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