Subdomain URL show a different IP address in a IP lookup

My subdomain from GoDaddy shows up in my DNS records on cloudflare and the IP address for its content shows up correctly but the subdomain URL shows a different IP address in a IP lookup than what shows up for the primary domain…which it is where the content resides.

Assuming you have :orange: your subdomain through
Cloudflare it hides the Orgin ip thus showing cloudflare ip

Yes. It is proxied. Thank you.

If they’re all :orange: Proxied, they most likely will have the same public IP address.

Is something not working?

Thanks for the reply. I think the issue is the GoDaddy tech my client was talking to doesn’t know how to solve the problem on the server side. The primary domain works perfectly in Cloudflare. The subdomain does not work as it should.

Without knowing the actual hostname or specific error, we can’t provide further suggestions.

For starters, try toggling that subdomain DNS entry to :grey: DNS Only and give it five minutes to take effect. Then see if the subdomain works as expected with HTTPS.

Thank you again for your help. This worked temporarily yesterday, but only for http. I think this is a GoDaddy issue…not Cloudflare…the subdomain is showing up as a cloudflare secured site…but now there is no content on the Host side: Future home of something quite cool.

If you’re the site owner , log in to launch this site

If you are a visitor , check back soon.

Future Home usually means it’s not configured for HTTPS at the origin:

Thank you again. The host is having issues configuring the subdomain for HTTPS.

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