Subdomain troubles

Hi, I’m setting a subdomain to my main domain.

First, can I do it with a free cloudflare account?

If so, I set the subdomain as CNAME illustration and IPv4 address which is my main domain.
So the address shall be
which does not work.

Please help!

Hi, you would have to add www.illustration as a CNAME name too, if you want to work. Currently, only is set up. You’d also need to set it up on your web server / web hosting.

Hi Tom! Thanks for the tip.
I did the set up on my web hoster.
They said to set it up as A type.
Now I get a secure connection error though.

Secure Connection Failed

An error occurred during a connection to Cannot communicate securely with peer: no common encryption algorithm(s).


How to solve this?

Sorry, my fault, I forgot a thing: Cloudflare, by default, only secures your root domain and the first subdomain level. In this case and * You’d need to purchase a certificate containing or * from Cloudflare for that.

A cheaper alternative would be to disable Cloudflare :norange: proxying for this DNS record (set it to :ngrey: DNS-only, which also disables most Cloudflare functionality for that one) and use a CA like LetsEncrypt to secure this domain. Keep in mind that it’s not automatically managed by Cloudflare in this case.

At the moment, Cloudflare does not return a certificate for this subdomain.

Here’s a link to the support page with information about Cloudflare’s custom hostname SSL certificates. You’d need the $10 one if you want to go with the first solution:

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