Subdomain to AWS server

We have just moved our main website to Cloudflare and we have a subdomain which we need to bypass Cloudflare completely and route to a different server IP. I had added A record in DNS but this has not resolved the issue as we are seeing the “site not reachable” message - any pointers?

Make sure that DNS record has a grey cloud :grey: next to it - if it is currently orange clouded :orange:, click the cloud and the DNS will point to the actual server instead of Cloudflare.

Thanks @Judge - yes the record is grey - maybe I’m being impatient and not waiting long enough, but we were caught out by this one and didn’t spot that the subdomains would fail when we moved the main domain. Do you know how long to the replication will take?

Can you open a command prompt and run the following command? If the DNS has propagated, it will show the IP you set up:


Hi @Judge Already using nslookup and its not the correct IP. The server is live and reachable directly via the IP address. Do you know how long Cloudflare take to update DNS and do you know if there a way to force an update?

Hi @Judge panic over - working now! Thanks for your assistance.

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There were some propagation issues earlier today - DNS Record Update Delays - and there will be some later today, so this may just be the result of a perfect storm.

Glad it’s resolved!

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