Subdomain that points to another IP with the same nameservers


I spent 5 days at cloudflare.
1 - I have changed my nameservers.
Everything seems to work well for the (main) web server.
2 - My old name servers were also used in other servers in reference to subdomains.
Here is my problem.
All other servers (in total 6) that have other IPs but with the same name servers no longer work for 5 days.
Can you help me solve this problem please?
Thanking you in advance.

Serge G.

This site is inaccessible

Whats your domain and which hosts do not work?


Did you add all those other DNS records (for those subdomains) to your DNS settings at Cloudflare?


Thank you for your reply.
To start here is our main area
Below you have the list of DNS that are not active at cloudflare (I have hidden the IPs) because they are servers that are not linked to the domain, they have their own IPs except they were all pointing to these DNS

Since 5 days the new nameservers are well propagated by cons I miss two servers on this image attached and which do not work.
Can you help me ?

Serge G.


What exactly is not working as you’d expect? For example, my and fr both resolve to their IP addresses.


For example I have this server that does not ping anymore and all that is linked does not work.
On the other hand it IP : W.X.Y.Z passes very well and it is not also on the list that I just put in image, it is weird not?


Well, nz18 doesnt seem to be set up.


It’s been four years since this server exists with clients. It’s after changing my DNS that TOI does not work anymore


It does not matter how long the server has “existed”. You need to have the applicable records in your DNS configuration, if you dont it obviously wont work and at the moment you do not have them. You need to create them in your Cloudflare control panel.


Just for the record, this server is using Virtualizor and the Virtualizor team has let me know that I have never tested Cloudflare is the problem coming from there?
For the rest about what you propose to me as I do not know how to do I would like to have more information to create what is needed from the Cloudflare administration panel.


I am not sure about your first question.

As for how to create the records, please refer to the documentation at


DNS Records

A, AAAA, and CNAME records can have their traffic routed through the Cloudflare system. Add more records using this form, and click the cloud next to each record to toggle Cloudflare on or off.

An A, AAAA, CNAME, or MX record is pointed to your origin server exposing your origin IP address.

An A, AAAA or CNAME record was not found for the www subdomain. The subdomain will not resolve.

An A, AAAA or CNAME record was not found pointing to the root domain. The domain will not resolve.


What is unclear about these messages? Also, these particular issues are unrelated to your earlier one. Also also, you already had the records mentioned here set up, you must have removed them.


Thank you for your advice.
I’m a little panicked because my website has not worked since yesterday. And looking good I realized that I already had cloudflare to install with a partner account.
So I try to delete this new from my server to reactivate the old partner account but it does not work with this command:
bash & lt; (curl -s / -k [YOUR_HOST_API_KEY] -n '[YOUR_COMPANY_NAME]'
I really panic because nothing works


Can you post a complete screenshot of your DNS settings? Redact proxied IP addresses if necessary.


Here is what I have on the partner account

DNS with normal account


Are you sure this is the right control panel? It appears you have a record for your root domain, however it does not resolve to anything which makes me believe you might be in the wrong control panel.

Which nameservers does it list under " Cloudflare Nameservers"?


You just changed your nameservers.


Here are the name servers of the partner account that are set up


These are setup but are these the ones defined in the control panel? Could it be you are working on a different account? Double check that.