Subdomain support (just for M365 migration)

We are a small company using the free tier services and root level DNS records. We are about to do a migration to M365, and their best practice is to use two subdomains during the migration. Is there a way to add subdomain records on the free tier for a limited time? Again - this is only for a migration and we have no need going forward. We are not using other more robust Cloudflare features / it wouldn’t make sense to go to Enterprise at our current size and use case. Any ideas or options would be appreciated. Thanks!

Not sure about the question.

You simply add whatever records you need and remove them once you don’t need them any more. That’s it.

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I apologize for my own ignorance. :smiley:
Cloudflare already is registrar / DNS authoritative for our domain (e.g. “”)
It’s currently set up with Google Apps so the MX records for our root go to Google.
so MX for => Google mail systems

In conversion process Microsoft suggests adding subdomains (e.g.): ==> MX to Google ==> MX to Microsoft

That way you can have the person’s mailbox at [email protected] have an alias to one or the other, and control where the mail routes as you transition over.

If you look right now at’s DNS records, we already have MX for our root going to etc.

We want to keep using Cloudflare to manage this and add MX records for gsuite and m365 (in this example) so:
MX record for “m365” ==> [domain-key]
MX record for “gsuite” ==>

In doing a preparatory Google search I thought I saw that subdomain support was not included in Cloudflare free tier, but maybe that was only under the context of having separate rights in Cloudflare to manage separately etc.

If the above MX record examples are allowed then I’m all set. I think I got thrown off on the wording of “subdomain” vs thinking of host at root level

thanks and sorry for the confusion!

There are no restrictions when it comes to levels. So configuring and is not an issue.

Though keep in mind, these addresses will have different domains. You won’t be able to do this under, but that’s nothing Cloudflare specific but standard DNS settings.

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