Subdomain > subdomain redirect page rule not working

My page rules no longer seem to be working, but I’m not sure why.

I assume it has something to do with my DNS, but I don’t know how to go about checking what is wrong. There are like 30+ entries in my DNS, so I’ve just copied the CNAME ones for the two subdomains that my first rule is trying to forward from ( and to (

Any ideas?

Are you still having issues? What happened/changes did you make just before they stopped working? Audit log can help with determining that sometimes

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Our domain is For visiting our website we don’t want to use the naked domain, we want people to arrive at the www. subdomain. So we have this page rule:

And in our DNS we have a CNAME record for the naked domain, and the www subdomain…

[¿perhaps this is where I’ve gone wrong?]

Of late, we’re testing some new, quicker, pages, which we put at What I want to achieve is for the following two URLs:
to both redirect to

the naked domain version (A1) will redirect (to B) just fine, but the subdomain (A2) will not redirect. What am I missing? This is what the two Page Rules look like (I’ve tried it with the rule for A1 or A2 as top, makes no difference)…

I’m fairly sure I’ve probably missed something basic, but I can’t figure out what, and the help docs aren’t helping me diagnose the problem here, so…helps please?!

@sandro you merged my question into this one, which was an earlier question, which was slightly different. But whatever, I don’t mind that. What I want is a solution. Can you help with that??

I want to redirect one page from one of my subdomains, to another subdomain. How do I achieve that?

More specifically, I want to achieve:

folks follow link…
and end up at …

I’ve setup a forwarding rule, and made it first…

But nothing happens. Folks who go to it get directed to the old page. (I know the new page works, because I’m able to redirect to it. But I need to redirect from both the naked domain and the www subdomain).

Here’s my DNS for the www domain, showing it is proxied through Cloudflare so Page Rules should, I believe be kicking in…

What should I check next?

[ @sandro please do not blindly move this question. I need help. Last time I asked, you shunted this question to a closed thread, which contains no answers. That does not help me, or anyone else trying to find answers to similar questions. ]

I understand that you need help, but that does not mean you should open X threads about the same issue. Your original thread here is even still open. And no, I certainly did not move anything to a closed thread, that would be counterproductive. I opened this thread the moment I moved it.