Subdomain stopped working, can't identify why


I used to have a subdomain working on my website, redirecting to a CDN. I noticed that at some point it stopped working, potentially when I was updating the certificate around 6 months ago, but I’m not sure.

I get an error in all browsers. On Chrome it says:

This page can’t be found

No webpage was found for the web address: subdomain URL


My current setup is that it is loaded into Cloudflare’s DNS. It used to be proxied but I’m trying to see now if removing the proxy makes a difference (so far it still doesn’t work).

My SSL certificate is a wildcard, and this subdomain is only one level (i.e.

Does anyone know what else might be causing this issue and how I can get my subdomain working?


Hi @acloudflareuser123,

You mentioned turning the proxy off. That’s the best way to troubleshoot this, take Cloudflare out of the mix - make sure everything works with HTTPS as you want, then re-enable Cloudflare there.

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