Subdomain still not appear in CF

Hi! Plese help, I search but not see the same question.
Yesterday I’m added subdomain
Its look OK but not working.

# 404 Page not found

26 hours already left. What should I do?

That’s an issue with your server. That hostname is not configured there

$ curl -Ik --resolve[ORIGIN-IP]
HTTP/2 404
server: nginx
content-type: text/html; charset=utf-8
vary: Accept-Encoding

Also, the fact that you do not get a 526 suggests that you only have “Full” as encryption mode on Cloudflare. Make sure you have a valid certificate for that hostname on your server and switch to “Full strict”.

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Thank you Sandro
So I done all by the manual of my server provider. And usually it works with subdomain without Cloudflare.
So I see only way to go back to provider’s DNS. Make all there includin SSL for subdomain and switch it back only after that.
Thank you for your answer !

You need to fix the server configuration, the server certificate, and the encryption mode on Cloudflare.

Hmm… I have no idea what I can do with the server configuration. Probably I need a change SSL to wildcard one. Ater I’ll change the encryption mode on Cloudflare and will see.
Thank you Sandro!

Except for the encryption mode this is all server related, so you need to talk to your host here. They need to fix the HTTP configuration as well as deploy a valid certificate for that new hostname.

All is done, Sandro :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot ! Your answers was very fast ans useful !

My pleasure. Great that it is working now :+1:t2:

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