Subdomain & ssl

I have set my site up in Cloudflare with HTTPS and all working fine.
I’m now adding multiple subdomains but the SSL is not covering them?
I believe this is because of the ‘free’ package i am on and if i want to cover lots of subdomains i should either create an ‘A’ record for each? or upgrade to ‘enterprise’ where i can apply a wildcard?

Am i correct? only way to http subdomains is to create an A record for each or upgrade to Enterprise?


Universal SSL covers the second and third level of your domain. So will work, won’t.

Thanks MarkMeyer …
So everything is set up as expected and my main root url is loading fine on https.
However, my subdomain is throwing up a error with ssl?
Any thoughts?
Universal SSL has not been disabled?
I’m a little lost for ideas?

Do you have the record set to ‘orange cloud’? Presently it’s getting the cert passed straight through from ( which would look like Cloudflare isn’t proxying it.

Once you’re ‘Orange cloud’ it should work (providing you don’t have SSL set to Full Strict).

thanks saul.
SSL set to Flexible.

if i look at my DNS record i have a wildcard (*) but i can not set this to a orange cloud unless i upgrade? Reading Marks comments above, he seems to suggest i don’t need to upgrade for 3 levels of ssl?

I don’t think you can orange-cloud a wildcard record on the free plan - create a dedicated entry for that subdomain name w/ orange-cloud and it’ll work.

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