Subdomain SPF record

We have SPF, DKIM and DMARC set on our root domain, and they work well.
We use Campaign Monitor to send mass mail using a subdomain 
I added a CNAME record to paint the email subdomain to
I have set up SPF and DKIM for 
DKIM works well.

In Cloudflare, as well as our root domain SPF, I have set a TXT name email Content 'v=spf1 ~all'

MX toolbox is showing an error with this SPF. 
SPF Record Deprecated	 - The DNS record type 99 (SPF) has been deprecated	

Your help and expertise is appreciated.

You should configure a TXT entry, not an SPF one.

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Thankk you @sandro . In Cloudflare it is setup as TXT record.
Do you mean to do a TXT search in mxtoolbox? When i do this there are no errors.

What’s the domain?

Are you referring to this?

This probably is a glitch with their check. Cloudflare does return the CNAME entry when querying for SPF (which might be CNAME-specific) but generally there is no SPF entry, so your configuration should be all right.

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Yes, I am referring to this. So, it seems my config is accurate. Thank you so much for your time and help.

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