Subdomain setup Shopify and blog

Trying to set a subdomain.

The main domain points to Shopify, the blog is on Wordpress and hosted on WP engine.

I added a CNAME:, but that automatically goes to Shopify. Shouldn’t I have to A) create the subdomain and then B) point it to WP Engine?

When I try adding an A record pointing to the WP Engine IP, it says that that domain is already in use… Can not find any information in the Cloudflare documents, would really appreciate your help.

You need an A Record to where the blog is hosted.

You should ask them why this happens.

I created the subdomain in Cloudflare.

After creating the subdomain, I want to point it to WP Engine, but Cloudflare won’t allow me to create the subdomain (through CNAME) AND an A record for that subdomain.

Does that explain it better? I need to do the two steps right, or would it be enought to only create an A record with the subdomain domain and point it to WP Engine? Am I doing one step too many?

That’s all you need.

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