Subdomain Setup Query

Hi I have and subdomain deployed on app engine. Since its not a fix IP, i cannot use the subdomain as A records. Does adding subdomain as CNAME would be ok? does it create any problem? All the subdomain has certificate from known certificate authority. Please suggest. thanks in advance.

If the CNAME it points to is ok with it, then Cloudflare is ok with it.

Thanks for your reply. What does that mean the same it points to is ok?

Is there any other way to add subdomain I can’t add a record as there is no fix IP. So all I left with cname. Will it work?

How is it now a fixed IP address? And how do you know if it’s been changed? Is it meant to be used as a CNAME?

There are ways to update DNS here on the fly, but it usually requires a cronjob from where the IP address changes.

Its not a fixed IP as it is coming from App engine. Now I only see two way to add the subdomain in clouflare. A records requires IP and in CNAME we can add it inside the root domain. Since, I am adding under parent domain would the traffic to these subdomain are also proxied. Both subdomains are in different environment.

Hostnames here each have their own Proxy setting, as evidenced by the :grey: or :orange: after each one. It’s up to you to enable Proxy or not for each subdomain.

Great. Thanks. SO I believe adding it as CNAME would work and we can use the WAF features to monitor these subdomain.

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