Subdomain set to GoDaddy with A record resolves to primary domain


Prior to the problem I’m going to describe I pointed my primary domain at my GoDaddy WordPress site like this …

I moved my primary web presence to another host but wanted to keep my GoDaddy site as a blog subdomain as in GoDaddy had me add the subdomain to my account like this …

And told me to do the Cloudflare DNS record like this …

Which I did - as you can see.

However, entering into a browser url resolves to the primary domain - after a few seconds of “thinking” about it.

My assumption this is a Cloudflare setting issue - somehow not directing the blog call to the GoDaddy IP. It could be a GoDaddy issue. But I firmly believe this group is infinitely more intelligent than the GoDaddy reps, so I thought I’d start here!

FYI … I have no page rules associated with the blog subdomain. However, I do have a page rule for my primary domain, which is …


I don’t know if that matters, but thought I’d throw it in just in case.

Any ideas why a subdomain call resolves to the primary domain instead?

Many thanks,


It’s not resolving to the primary domain…it’s getting a 301 Redirect to the primary domain.

What’s interesting that something like: doesn’t redirect. It correctly goes to your subdomain.

Something is redirecting…maybe:

  1. Something in .htaccess at your GoDaddy subdomain
  2. A Page Rule (not likely, as you seem to have thought about that)
  3. Perhaps your WordPress site’s General Settings as the Site URL/Home set to your root domain?

I’m betting on #3, since the links from my foo.css link above all point to the root domain.

If so, then add this to your wp-config.php:


Good detective work. Thanks for the advice. I decided to go a different route and move my WordPress site from GoDaddy to BlueHost. And now I can’t get back to the GoDaddy site at all. Because that’s really a different issue, I’m going to post a different topic.

Thanks again for your help.